About Mats Olofsson

About Mats

      Mats Olofsson is a highly skilled photographer specially focused on food and
architecture. His company, YETI, was established in 1987 beginning with skiing- and
adventurephotography. During the years there have been many trips and Mats has
visited The Middle East and Africa several times. He is based in the capital of Sweden,
Stockholm, where he possesses a studio with good possibilities making high quality pictures. 
In the central city not far away from the parliament Mats got a smaller studio for
foodphotography and lectures. He is fully digitalized working with both
Nikon and Hasselblad, the latter with tilt/shiftpossibilities. 
      Throughout the years Mats has created a big stocklibrary. Many pictures are sold via his
agent Pressens Bild, but of course Mats is keeping the majority of the pictures himself.
Among famous clients are Audi, Western Union, Ericsson, Volvo and Swedish Match
just to mention some. He is also continuously working with the most prestigious hotel in Sweden,
Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Mats is a member of SFF, Swedish Photographers Association. 
      Mats Olofsson is also a collector of vintage motorcycles and therefore making articles for
magazines like Classic Motor and MCM. He has also been featured in New York-based
motorcyclemagazine The Horse. The future is smiling at Mats Olofsson
according to mediainstitute Beijbom & Co.
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